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Displays the backup sets that have been created by previous backup jobs and that can be used for recovery. The options use the Oracle Database Recovery Manager (RMAN) feature, which is described in detail in Oracle Database Backup and Recovery User’s Guide. You should be familiar with RMAN concepts and techniques before using these options. To view a report, specify the desired options and click the Generate Report icon. To view the report, specify the desired options (From Time, To Time, Filters) and click the Generate Report icon.

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For example, if you open a table in the Connections navigator and two SQL Worksheets using the same connection, all three panes use one shared connection to the database. In this example, a commit operation in one SQL Worksheet commits across all three panes. If you want a dedicated session, you must duplicate your connection and sql dba developer give it another name. Sessions are shared by name, not connection information, so this new connection will be kept separate from the original. A window is an Oracle Scheduler object that can be used to automatically start jobs or to change resource allocation among jobs during various time periods of the day, week, and so on.

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User-defined snippets are intended mainly to enable you to supplement the Oracle-supplied snippets, although you are also permitted to replace an Oracle-supplied snippet with your own version. The SQL history list will not contain any statement that can include a password. Such statements include (but are not necessarily limited to) CONNECT, ALTER USER, and CREATE DATABASE LINK. To toggle the relative heights of the Enter SQL Statement area and the area for tabs and display panes, press Ctrl+Alt+L. To create a separate unshared worksheet for a connection, click in the worksheet and use Ctrl+Shift+N.

This process is repeated on a regular time period and the results are captured in an AWR snapshot. The delta values captured by the snapshot represent the changes for each statistic over the time period. To perform limited database management operations, you can right-click the connection name in the DBA navigator display and select Manage Database. For example, if a listener is running with a static listener configured for the database, you can start and stop the database, force database startup, and restrict access to the database.

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By default, Oracle Database automatically generates snapshots of the performance data once every hour and retains the statistics in AWR for 8 days. You can also manually create snapshots or change the snapshot retention period, but it is usually not necessary. To create a tablespace set for a sharded database, right-click Tablespaces, and then click Create New. The Recycle bin is available only for non-system, locally managed tablespaces.

It can load data from text files, compressed files, sequence files, Hive tables, and data that can be accessed via a Hive table such as JSON, Parquet, ORC, and HBase. The Audit Settings display includes the audit trail setting, whether SYS user operations are audited, and the directory or folder for the audit file. The Global Attributes display lets you view and edit attributes such as the default time zone, the email sender and server, event expiry time, log history retention, and maximum job slave processes. A SQL translation profile is a database schema object that directs how non-Oracle SQL statements are translated into Oracle SQL dialects.

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ASH and AWR reports list information provided by the Active Session History (ASH) and Automated Workload Repository (AWR) features. You can start Oracle SQL Connector for HDFS by right-clicking the Tables icon of an Oracle Database connection. Check your Big Data SQL installation to verify that these directory objects and file exist.

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